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Chi·ron  (kī'rŏn') 
"The Wounded Healer"
    ~ n. Greek Mythology 
    ~ Warrior. Leader. Mentor. Healer.
Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.   ~  K. Gibran

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The mission of Chiron Center, Inc. is to provide behavioral health education, support, and resources designed to maximize the professional excellence and overall quality of life of those who place themselves in harm’s way in service of others.  We accomplish this through our three divisions:  Research & Development, Education & Outreach, and Clinical Programs. 

Chiron’s purpose is to be a trusted, respected, and valued resource for those impacted by trauma and serious loss.  Chiron serves as an integrative, peer-based, multi-dimensional resource designed specifically to meet the behavioral health needs of front line responders and their families:  law enforcement, fire suppression, emergency medical, communications/dispatch, military, social services, chaplaincy, humanitarian aid personnel, and other first responders.

Chiron’s success means that every front line responder is more effective in a crisis and better able to handle the overall impact of an event both in the moment and after they take off their uniform.  Integrating more than traditional best practices results in less vicarious and post-traumatic stress, shorter recovery times from incidents, and the saving of countless dollars a year in costs relating to stress, suicides, depression, alcohol/drug abuse, absenteeism, and lost productivity.

The value of Chiron includes an additional benefit along with the day-to-day resilience of our front line personnel.  In the event of a major national crisis – a terrorist incident or national disaster – Chiron’s best practices create a progressive and highly effective approach to behavioral health crisis management which complements the training, resources, and systems already in place.  These integrative resources save lives and maximize professional excellence while improving the overall welfare of our first responders, their families, and the community members they serve.

Chiron Center, Inc.
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